About us

We focus on gaining a holistic understanding of how your business operates in your specific domain. By combining our expertise in business processes and software engineering, we provide you with a customised system to transform your daily operations.
With insights gained while solving the problems you present to us, we aim to improve the automation of your business processes and help the facilitation of you procedures and workflows. We take the data your business generates, and transform it in a way that is unique to your values, needs and goals.

Cloud Based Systems

Our systems are built completely serverless from the ground up, making them accessible anywhere, on any device. No need to manage your own servers and datastores.

Process Automation

We identify the tedium in your workflows, and with the aid of our smart systems you can completely automate any unnecessary steps. Saving you time, saving you money.

Workflow Analysis

Small time wasters can cumulatively cost your businesses a great deal of money. We work to comb out any bottlenecks and cut out any redundant tasks.

Mobile App Development

Whether you need full system functionality on the go, or a client facing mobile application, our mobile app solution may be just what you need.

Internal Controls

Through our workflow and procedure analysis we help identify and implement controls to limit the risks of unnecessary oversight.

Data Processing

We focus on transforming your business data into visualisation that can be easily understood to help you pave the way forward.

Our Team

Chris Herbst, Founder

Chris Herbst is the founder of Ignium and CH Consulting. He obtained a BComm Mathematical Science degree majoring in Computer Science from the University of Stellenbosch. From the same University he obtained another BComm (Cum Laude) degree majoring in Investments and Accounting as well as a BComm Honours degree majoring in Business Management.

Chris has worked in the accounting, tax and business management industry before he founded CH Consulting and subsequently Ignium. He is now applying his combination of education and experience to create systems that will transform any business.

Matthew Mullin, Systems Engineer

Matthew received his BEng, Electrical and Electronic from the University of Stellenbosch. He specialises in machine learning and data analysis making him a natural fit for the team.

He has an inclination to think critically and an aptitude for problem solving, which he applies to the software and business systems developed by Ignium.

Transform the way you operate